Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is the single most common challenge facing organizations today. Typically, leaders have a vision for where they are taking the business and can successfully articulate and transmit that view to their board or their executive leadership teams.

As the message moves down the organizational hierarchy, however, there is an incredible transmission loss. Often, two or three layers away from the boss lies a strategic no-man's land where very few understand the vision or what strategies are being put in place to execute it.

Strategic alignment is about getting the organization to align from the very top to the very bottom. Everyone needs to understand his or her role in mission success. In order to achieve strategic alignment you need to maintain focus on precisely what you want. Being clear is job one, and Blue Space Consulting brings strategic clarity. We ask the really tough questions that don't allow business leaders to hide behind ambiguity.

Strategy is nothing without execution; action is needed to produce results. Action is created by:

  • Being clear on strategy
  • Putting highly specific, leading as well as lagging metrics in place
  • Executing initiatives that move the metrics

It's not rocket science. It's hard work combined with clear intention.

We believe that sustainable financial results comes from creating balance; by having engaged employees operating effective processes carefully designed to meet and exceed customer expectations. This logic path requires a level of specificity that teams often struggle to reach. Blue Space Consulting helps you determine the performance you want and measure its success. We help you understand how you're doing so you can know the answer to the ultimate question: "Are we making progress on our most important stuff?"

Once you achieve strategic alignment, you automatically have more traction, maneuverability and agility. You have more competitive wins and an energized work environment where everyone can see their role in creating those wins.

In Their Own Words

In this video, client Misty Frost, VP Marketing for Datamark, talks about the Blue Space Consulting difference.