Creating and Monitoring Customer Experience

The Blue Space Consulting Redesign Process

The Blue Space Consulting Design and Implementation Process
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You need improvement fast. We deliver by facilitating an intensive four-week Customer TouchPoint redesign process that uses your Customer Experience Intent statement along with best-in-class process innovation. We engage a diverse cross-section of your subject matter experts with a proven design process to deliver new experience in 28 days.

Blue Space Consulting has successfully used this methodology for over five years across business of all types, hundreds of Design Teams have made big and small changes for their customers.

Our four-week redesign process covers:

  1. Declare your Experience Intention
  2. Map your TouchPoints/Create the Journey Map
  3. Design to Deliver Experience
  4. Measure Early, Precisely and Create a Provable ROCE (Return on Customer Experience)

The Blue Space Consulting Design and Implementation Process

Many of our clients work with Blue Space Consulting to help deliver full implementation of their Customer Experience program. We use an eight-stage process proven to create immediate and lasting customer engagement.

  1. Create your Customer Experience Intent Statement and TouchPoint Map
  2. Execute a Rapid Customer TouchPoint Redesign and Execution Process
  3. Build Customer Experience Knowledge in the Workforce
  4. Deliver specific Functional Area Customer Experience Training
  5. Build a Comprehensive Voice of Customer Portal
  6. Ensure that a Robust Customer TP Performance Metrics Dashboard is in Use
  7. Fully Integrated, multi-channel Internal Communications Campaign for Culture Change
  8. Imbed Change by having Significant Variable Compensation Linked to Customer Performance

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