Organizational Transformation Experience

At Blue Space Consulting, we understand organizations, how they work and how they don’t. We've felt the pain that you feel, whether it's leading a business or encouraging a group of people to try something new. We've dealt with irate customers, disempowered employees, demanding boards and non-performing, tenured team members. We have lived the day-in and day-out reality inside the tornado of business.

The value we offer is in our ability to step outside of your individual storm and give you the valuable, external perspective that breaks through barriers and moves you and your teams forward. We stand with you as you fight, and give you perspective, advice and thoughtful counsel.

We've also felt the joy of accomplishing things worked on for months that no one else notices but you. It's not in Blue Space Consulting's DNA to wander in and wander out. We dive through steep learning curves and strive to always add value. Our unique perspectives help at those critical moments—they're timely, prudent and effective. Because we've lived it, we respect your challenge. We understand what you're going through and take great pride assisting and helping.

Blue Space Consulting can move you and your organization to a place you're not able to get to on your own. We provoke new thinking and get you clearer about what you're doing. We stimulate fortitude and resilience to break you and your team free of old habits that got you mired in the first place. For us, mixing in enthusiasm and inspiration is crucial, because we believe that you need to feel it to have your team feel it.

In Their Own Words

In this video, Roy Barnes talks about the power of diverse experience.