Team Empowerment

The worst place to be is in an organization where you have a fire for change but you're not the leader. What do you do? How do you deal with the challenge of firing up the rest of the organization in the possibility that there's something that can be done? What are the tools available to get change to happen when you're deep in the organization?

Organizational change is fundamentally not about what happens at the top, but what happens in the middle. It is generally not the CEO or President that is making things happen; it's typically the middle of the business that executes. Blue Space Consulting helps business break the paradigm that the organization is led from the top.

How an individual chooses to influence those around them is where real change happens. Organizational hierarchy does not dictate how strategy is executed. Individuals who see opportunity and act make strategy happen.

Enormous change can happen at the individual level in an organization, and Blue Space Consulting expands individual influencing capabilities. We help employees focus on being present every day and being purposeful in how they choose to influence their leaders, the people that work for them, and their peers.

We teach managers and any leader how to multiply enthusiasm, enroll and bring people with them. As the people responsible for the innovation and evolution of the business, we help them realize the power they have within the organization to get things done.

In Their Own Words

In this video, Roy Barnes talks about how you fire up the rest of the organization to see what you see, that there is something that can be done, particularly at the individual level.