Tools for Results

To achieve the change you want with results that last, you need the right tools. Blue Space Consulting has found these focuses to be the most successful at getting faster and more permanent results.

  • Balanced Scorecard Implementation
  • Customer Experience Touchpoints and Measurement (see below)
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Team Alignment and Accountability
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Enterprise Change Management Identification, Implementation and Sustainment

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5-Step Design Approach to Your Customer's Experience

Blue Space Consulting's 5-Step Design Approach to Customer Experience

Step 1 - Live the Customer Experience

  • Determine all customer touchpoints
  • Understand the touchpoint transaction objectives
  • Map the current state experience path

Step 2: Analyze the Customer Experience Path

  • Objectively assess the current physical and emotional
  • Predict the experience response
  • Profile customer interaction data for desired state experience

Step 3: Enable the Customer Experience

  • Engage employees on total customer experience value
  • Build supportive, reward, recognition and compensation systems

Step 4: Design the Customer Experience

  • Emotional vs. experience design
  • Segment experience by customer type and value
  • Prioritize touchpoint experience perspectives both internally and externally
  • Avoid technology traps

Step 5: Execute the Customer Experience

  • Get and level buy-in
  • Communicate the change
  • Maintain attention and focus
  • Set experience performance metrics
  • Establish a process for keeping the experience fresh