Hey, you in the fifth row...


I’m here because I want to re-awaken your belief in yourself. I want to stir your imagination and help you push back against boundaries (self-imposed or otherwise). My welcome task is to capture and hold your attention. To create space where your vision, your ideas and capabilities can assert themselves again. 

I want you back. I want the original "you" before you were water-boarded numb by stifling work bureaucracies, petty office politics and the shaking insecurities of bad bosses who live to suppress creativity and beat your positivity down. 

I want the "you" before you learned that there is no "I" in team and all that other corporate "bland-speak." Let’s bring back the "you" before you fixated on fitting in, creating no wake and moving up by shutting up.

I know that change (better anything) comes from fully re-empowered people who actually stand for something. People who've extended their foot and drawn a line in the sand and said, "this is me, this is where my vision starts."

Let's re-allow ourselves to hope and have faith that our individual actions can and will make a difference. 

Seriously, turn off your phone for a second and imagine "you" unbound.

What would the possibilities be for you, your team and those you serve? Dream again. Vividly and without the fear of shame or failure.