Woo Mode

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The Power of Woo

For those of you who’ve ever been a romantic relationship, you probably know how to woo.

Think back to that moment when you decided that you really wanted to “be” with someone, that linking yourself to that person became a really important goal.

You ratcheted up your attention dial to the highest possible level—“DEFCON 1."

You had all your radar up and operating. Your weapons systems were spooled and you formally transitioned from passive observer to focused, dedicated and proactive instigator of emotion creation. You were on! You had game and you dialed it in!

In full “woo” mode, you paid attention to any and all information that the object of your romantic interest offered. The smallest nuanced communication didn’t pass unnoticed and you immediately acted upon the data you collected. If you weren’t getting the response you wanted, you changed tactics—always watching, always listening and always learning. You were constantly improving to seal the deal.

You remember now, don’t you?

Wooing Customers

Delivering an awesome customer experience uses the same skills you already have within you, they are just applied to a broader audience with only a slightly different outcome.

Colin Shaw, one of the pre-eminent thought leaders in the customer experience space, states that:

Colin Shaw

Colin Shaw

Great customer experiences are purposefully designed to captivate

You know how to captivate. The question is:

Why haven't you and your organization decided to use those skills of




with your customers?

Go ahead, give wooing a shot. You may be absolutely delighted with the outcome.